stuckintheplumbob hat auf dein Foto geantwortet “Can you feel the love between them too?”

so adorable <3

yuuuus <3

wynndyskies hat auf dein Foto geantwortet “Taking Peach for a walk.”

The lighting in this shot tho~~~~ UwU It’s so beautiful <3

aww thank you <3

simvercetti hat auf deine Fotoserie geantwortet “She got that bad ass look in her eyes”


Thaaaank you <3

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Hey everyone you should definetly checkout sim-bunnies and submitt to it !:D
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neptunesims: Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Yay another one :D!! umm this time I´m gonna pic Chia

1.Chia is a full Puerto Rican and a proud one!

2.Sometime she only answers questions in a very fast spanish just to anyone other people :P

2.She grew up in an abusive household and she never talks about it!Like never..but still she´s such a happy person who always makes people laugh and tries to spread joy and fun!

3.She really doesn´t want children …but she the best godmother you can have :S

4.She has 4 other siblings three brothers and one sister but they rarely she each other

5.SHE IS THE PRINCESS OF PUERTO RICO!(at least that´s what she thinks and convince others with)

(6.Her full name is Gabriellá Chia Yarelis)

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wavy-mirror-pictures: I LOVE YOUR SIMS. List 5 facts about your favourite sims then send this to 10 simblrs ♥

awwww thank you!:D I´m gonna choose Yves :D


1.Umm soo Yves was born and raised in France!Her mom is french and her dad is swedish.Unfourtunatly she can only speak french :/

2.She can´t stand people who only see her outer aperance (not her inner beauty)because she thinks that´s superficial!

3.She hated Maximillien when she first met him because she taught that he was arrogant and cocky :´D

4.Yves always wanted to have kids at a young age:)

5.She always seems to be sweet but when you´re her enemy she can be the devil in person :S

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Anonymous: Why didn't I follow you earlier, you blog is so perfect! o:

omg thank you this is really nice from you!:D


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Anonymous: wcif that long hair that you have the sim ( the blond w/ blue tips)?
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